We recognise that some individuals are legally known by a single name, also referred to as a mononym. This means they have only one name, without the inclusion of both a family/surname and a given name in the traditional sense.


  • Not About Maiden Names: A single name is not related to your relationship status when you were single or to your maiden name. Rather, the focus is specifically on individuals who are legally recognised by a single name.

Examples of Single Names:

  • One Word: Your legal name consists of only one word.
  • Combined Words: Your name might comprise several words, but it doesn't follow the Western naming conventions (e.g., the separation of first and family names).

Valid Single Names:

  • Legitimacy: A single name is deemed valid if it is the legally recognised name you are currently using or have used in the past. In other words, if the single name has been your legal designation and appears on your identity documents, it is acceptable for identification purposes.