The "Please fix validation errors" notification appears when there is a section of the form that has not yet been completed.

When you go back into your application, you will see the navigation bar located at the top of the page (on a computer, down the bottom for mobile). When you go to submit and the form tells you there are errors, go back to the navigation bar. You will see something like the picture below, where a section has an red triangle instead of a number. This is the section of the form with the errors.

Please click on the icon and scroll through that page, looking for any input field that has a "required" message under it in red, shown below:

When you have some time, please check through your information and provided documentation and ensure all required fields have been completed.

You can use this link to get back to the applicant platform and login:

If you require any assistance please contact and a team member will be available to help you.