Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) police checks have specific and detailed identity document requirements. VerifyNow (trading as Accurate Background) is required to follow these requirements from the ACIC and will not be able to process your police check until you have met the requirements. 

The ACIC is of the view that the majority of Australians, irrespective of age, nationality, ethnicity or ability, will have access to adequate identity documents through normal participation in Australian society, and be able to meet the minimum proof of identity requirements. For more information, please read our Identity Document Requirements (ACIC police checks) solution article. 

Most individuals can meet the minimum proof of identity documents. The ACIC recognises that some individuals may need to renew or obtain relevant documentation to verify their identity prior to submitting a check. However, in some cases, individuals may find it difficult to provide or get the necessary evidence to identify themselves in line with minimum requirements.

In these cases, the ACIC have an exceptional circumstances approach which allows VerifyNow to use special provisions to verify the identity of an applicant. 

Note: If you (the applicant) have the ability to collect, receive or renew the required documents in any way, this means you do not qualify for special provisions. Inconvenience is not a suitable reason for granting the use of special provisions.

Reasons for exceptional circumstances may include individuals:

  • whose birth was not registered;
  • who are homeless;
  • who are undocumented, or recent arrivals to Australia;
  • who live in remote areas;
  • who are transgender or intersex;
  • who are affected by natural disasters;
  • with limited access to identity documents for reasons associated with how they were raised, their ability to participate in society, or due to their age; or
  • who are foreign nationals and reside outside of Australia.

The following table lists various reasons as to why you may be unable to provide the required identity documents. You can use this to see if your situation may apply to the use of special provisions:

If you believe you cannot provide Accurate with the correct documents for your application, individuals can contact Accurate. Accurate will then work to:

  • understand the applicants circumstance and verify that your claim is legitimate; and
  • use the special provisions to obtain appropriate documentation to verify the individual’s identity.

We will ask you questions like: 

  • What is the reason you cannot provide the required documents?
  • What level of difficulty do you have in obtaining or accessing the documents?

Accurate will ask for as much evidence as is available from you, to support the identity that is being claimed. We will ask you to provide:

  • as much identity documentation as practically possible; and
  • detailed evidence to support why the required documentation cannot be provided (see table above).

At a minimum you must provide an identity document that also operates as a photographic identity document or a photograph certified by a person listed in Schedule 2 of the Statutory Declarations Regulations 2018(Cth).

For more information, please notify and our team will be able to assist you.