This article will explain the AFP dispute process for applicants. If you disagree with any personal information we hold and wish to dispute its accuracy you can contact us through the contact details below and we will address the issue to the best of our ability.

Where the dispute is in relation to the content of a Criminal History Check, the dispute is forwarded to the AFP for review and investigation. If you have a dispute please contact us through the details found below and we will initiate the process.

The AFP dispute process is summarised below:

1. The Check Result is received by Accurate from the AFP after being processed. These results are released to the client (your employer/prospective employer or volunteering organisation) as per normal procedure.

2. The applicant (you) will receive the result from the Client, if you request them, or if the report contains a Disclosable Court Outcome (DCO). Review the police check result in detail.

3. If you dispute any of the details in the report, contact Accurate and advise us of any incorrect information in the result. 

Please note: you must submit any AFP dispute within 3 months of the certificate issue date.

Provide us with all the information and supporting evidence we need to complete and lodge the AFP's Criminal Records - Disputed Record webform. This may include documents that were not required for the police check. You are also required to provide us with an email address to contact you on, as you will be copied into the emails that the AFP send in relation to the dispute. 

You (the applicant) can raise a dispute about a police check result for:

    a. Claim type 1—when police information released does not belong to you

    b. Claim type 2—when part of the police information released does not belong to you

    c. Claim type 3—when police information belongs to you, but the details are inaccurate

    d. Claim type 4—when police information belongs to you, but should not have been released.

4. VerifyNow Pty Ltd, trading as Accurate Background, (the accredited body) will:

    a. Complete the dispute form on your behalf using the information and evidence you provide.

    b. Provide the dispute form and any additional identity and supporting documentation to the AFP.

5. The police will review the result. This may take up to 10 business days, or longer, depending on the complexity of the information and evidence provided. Accurate Background cannot do anything to influence the turn around time on these dispute claims. 

6. The dispute outcome will be released to Accurate Background, who will return it to the client. The client will then return the outcome of the dispute to you (the applicant) along with the justification for the outcome. 

If you wish to make an AFP dispute claim please contact us on 02 5114 3311.