This guide will help you with redacting (or hiding) your personal information on identity documents you provide to Accurate.

Accurate only requires minimal personal details to verify your identity with a bank card or credit card. If using one of these documents, please black out or remove the card number, expiry date and security codes from the document. For example, using this bank card, we can redact or hide the info that is not required:

You can redact info using a variety of methods. You can:

  1. Use a computer program such as paint, photoshop or another program to draw over the details of the photo
  2. Use a program on your phone to draw over the details such as iOS markup or an app from your app store.
  3. Cover your personal details with a physical object before you take the photo of your card. We recommend using a piece of paper, sticky note or anything you have on hand. You can even use your finger to cover the non essential details.

For this guide, we will use paint on a computer. Open the picture file on your computer in paint. Here we will use the paint brush or the rectangle shape option to draw over the details, shown highlighted below:

I will now draw over the details we do not need. Remember, we want to cover the card number, expiry date and security codes:


Please note that the orange numbers on the back image of the card shown below, do not have any importance for our verification purposes, and these are a part of the stock image of the bank card. Please ignore these.

Now you can save and upload these images to your application, and proceed with the rest of the steps required to complete your application.

If you encounter more problems, please notify and our team will be able to assist you.