Our Verification Team assess all incoming submitted applications. During this assessment, they ensure all required information and documentation has been provided. If there is anything further required, the application will be sent back to you for clarification.

You will receive an email from our team specifying what information is needed before we can proceed to process your application. The "What you need to do"section of the email will outline exactly what is required. Please see an example below:

Once you have gathered the required information or documentation, click the "Update your application now" button and log back into the Accurate Platform. Please see the "Logging into the Accurate Platform" guide on our knowledge base if you require assistance to log back in.

Alternatively contact support.au@accurate.com if you need further help.

Once successfully logged back in, your screen should look like the following:

You will see your application is available for editing. Please select the application.

Once you have made the required edits and have ensure all required information and documentation has been provided, submit your application.

This will then send your application back to our team of Verification Team for assessment and processing.