You will receive a welcome email from Accurate (previously VerifyNow) advising that you have been registered for pre-employment / pre-volunteer screening.

The email will contain:

Please Note: Your temporary password will not appear on any reminder emails - this is only available on the initial welcome email

At times, our communication can land in spam folders. Please ensure you check your inbox, junk/spam or other folders within your email.

If you cannot locate this email, please notify and our team will be able to assist you.

Click the "Start your application" button in the email:

If this button does not appear to be working for you, please either click on or type the following URL/address into your browser:

Enter your username - ensuring that you enter all letters in lowercase:

Please enter the temporary password which was provided to you in your welcome email:

Note: Copy and paste the temporary password from your email, ensuring that you don't capture any extra spaces at the end.

Once you have successfully entered your temporary password, you will be prompted to set a password for your account.

This way, you won't have to continue using the long, complex temporary password each time you log in!


  1. Enter a new password that meets the requirements listed
  2. Re-enter the new password to confirm that it matches
  3. Click change password and sign in

You have now successfully logged in! Click on applications to access your application:

Click on the white box below applications to get started:

You are now on Page 1 - Information Page. Please read through this information and press next when you get to the bottom:

You are now on Page 2 - Application Verification. Click the "Load Application" button to load your application. Once loaded, proceed to the next page by clicking the "Next" button:

You are now in Page 3 - Personal Information Police Check and can commence entering all of your details and completing the remainder of your application:

As you complete each page, use the next button at the bottom of the screen to move to the next page of your application:

Note: If you need to step away from you application in the middle of 
completing it, use the save draft button to ensure that you don't loose 
what you have entered